Walker Art Gallery Fashion Collection

Folding fans were introduced into Europe in the 1500s through trade with China and Japan.

The Walker Art Gallery hosts a magnificent collection of Western European fashion and costumes, showcasing a range of styles dating from 1700 to the present. The collection covers both female and male fashions, representing the very latest trends at various points in time over the last 300 years.

The collection includes day and evening wear, hats, gloves, underwear, shoes, handbags and jewellery. One area of focus is Liverpool’s dressmaking trade, which was at its peak between 1870 and the 1930s, and revolved around Bold Street – the ‘Bond Street of the North’. With the city booming at the time, Liverpool was renowned for its quality shops and luxury fashion designs.

Modern designer fashion is reflected in pieces by the most famous designers of the last 50 years, and the gallery also displays a collection of leisurewear and streetwear, with examples of designer tracksuits and trainers dating from the 1970s onwards. A collection of 19th century ivory fans provides fascinating insights into their origin and often surprising uses.

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