Out Of The Foil

A hairdresser is often your confidante who you reveal your secrets, joys and problems to. Even offers you a glass of Prosecco. Then – ‘out of the foil’ – the salon ruins your hair. Awkward to say the least. You are torn as to what to do. Sue someone who may be a friend… really?

However, sometimes it’s necessary to get private corrective medical treatment which can be costly and time-consuming. At least the salon will be covered by its insurance, so it’s nothing personal. Speak to our female lawyers if your hair has been ruined by your hairdresser.


No More Cold Calls

You’ve just had an accident due to bad weather conditions. Immediately your phone is subjected to a bombardment that would put the opening of the Battle of the Somme to shame.

Cold calls are aggressive, unsolicited and often illegal. Your personal information can be sold for hundreds of pounds by anyone who knows the details of your traffic accident.

Don’t answer unknown calls, which are often from withheld numbers or may appear to be a local or national call that is actually routed from an overseas call centre. Talking to cold callers will only encourage more cold calls!

Find out more about how to deal with cold calling from our small team of road traffic accident experts:


An English Lady’s Wardrobe

The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool

We are sad to say that the Walker Art Gallery is now closed once again (along with all of National Museums Liverpool’s venues).

As long-term supporters and sponsors of the Walker Art Gallery, we appreciate the blow this latest closure represents, particularly after all the efforts of the charity organization to provide a safe environment for visitors.

During these challenging times and now more than ever, National Museums Liverpool needs the support of those who share its vision of great museums for everyone, caring for some of the world’s most important collections, and providing an illuminating, fun and inspiring experience for millions of visitors every year.

One ray of sunshine during the latest confinement is the organization’s 3D virtual tour function, which enables you to explore collections at your own pace, including the Walker Art Gallery’s ‘An English lady’s wardrobe’ virtual tour of clothing and accessories, uncovering style and shopping trends in Liverpool during the interwar years:


Roll Over Beethoven

Our commercial property department represents the award-winning company Marldon, which is looking to the future with new development projects at Prescot Street and Chamber Street in London E1.

Marldon continues to learn about the area’s fascinating history. In the late 1700s a watchmaker called George Prior worked at 31 Prescot Street. Prior is believed to have designed a watch that belonged to Ludwig van Beethoven, now part of an important collection at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

The 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth fell on December 16, 2020, and Marldon was no doubt happy to celebrate this proud if distant connection to the great composer!

Find out more about our commercial property team:


Liverpool Cathedral Funding

Liverpool Cathedral

After a huge amount of endeavour on the part of the team at Liverpool Cathedral, we are delighted to report that our friends and partners have received just over £600,000 in crucial funding from the government’s Department of Digital Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) Cultural Recovery Fund.

At what is obviously a difficult time for cultural and religious institutions across the country, the grant enables the cathedral to save jobs and break even for the financial year, helping this magnificent Liverpool institution to continue to play its important role in the cultural, tourism, economic and spiritual life of the city.

While the grant is extremely welcome, the cathedral’s income has been badly hit by falling visitor numbers due to the pandemic, and needs our ongoing support to continue its vital work, including the efforts of Micah Liverpool to feed the poor in the run up to Christmas.


Life On Board Gallery

Merseyside Maritime Museum’s new Life on Board gallery

Merseyside Maritime Museum’s stunning new Life on Board gallery explores the moving and fascinating stories of Liverpool’s seafarers and passengers over the generations, including during the period of the city’s greatest prosperity when Liverpool was a beacon of world trade and a magnet for investment.

The new permanent gallery features the stories of both merchant sailors and leisure line passengers, from the 1700s to the present day, and looks at the lives they led on board, from the dangers and joys of seafaring, to the culture and sense of community it provided.

One of the gallery’s highlights examines the story of the sinking of MV Derbyshire, the largest British-registered merchant ship ever to be lost at sea during typhoon Orchid in the South China Seas in 1980, and the 20 year search for the truth about the disaster.

(Merseyside Maritime Museum is currently closed due to the pandemic, but is normally open from 10am – 5pm, Wednesday to Sunday. Admission is free and advance booking is required for both visitors and members.)


Pre-Raphaelite Art Collection

Pre-Raphaelite Art At The Walker Art Gallery

Continuing our exploration of the Walker Art Gallery’s treasures, Room 6 hosts one of the world’s best collections of Pre-Raphaelite art, including paintings by Rossetti, Millais and Holman Hunt, the radicals who changed art in the 19th century.

William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais and Dante Gabriel Rossetti were the three leading members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, formed in 1848. As the name implies, the group opposed the influence of Raphael (as well as Sir Joshua Reynolds) on the contemporary academic teaching of art, instead pursuing the idea of ‘truth to nature’, exemplified by bright colours, attention to detail and traditional themes.

Despite widespread initial condemnation, the group rapidly became influential and gained significant support in Liverpool during the mid-1850s. The Liverpool Academy repeatedly awarded its annual prize to Pre-Raphaelite paintings, and the artists’ works were bought by many of the city’s leading merchants and industrialists.

Known as ‘the National Gallery of the North’, the Walker Art Gallery is among the finest art galleries in Europe, and is also home to the UK’s leading painting competition – the John Moores painting prize. Our firm is proud to be associated with this jewel in the city’s cultural crown, and feel extremely lucky to have world-leading collections like The Pre-Raphaelites just a stone’s throw away!


Age Concern Needs Volunteers

Age Concern’s Befriending Services

Our friends at Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton are acutely in need of volunteers to help run the charity’s Befriending Services – a vital lifeline for people aged 50+ living in the area who are feeling vulnerable, lonely and isolated.

The anxiety and disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in demand for Age Concern’s Befriending Services, including the organisation’s telephone friendship service. The 200 current volunteers play a vital role in the lives of older people in Liverpool & Sefton, including visits to those who are housebound.

More volunteers are now needed to represent the community and improve people’s lives by sharing their experience, skills and knowledge. Contact Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton to volunteer or share the opportunity with anyone who may be interested:


Charity Begins At Home

Age Concern in Liverpool & Sefton

We are proud supporters of Age Concern in Liverpool & Sefton, the premier charity working with and for older people and carers in the community to help improve the quality of their lives.

Established in 1928, Age Concern is part of the Age UK network – Britain’s largest charity for older people – bringing together over 130 local organizations providing practical support to people in their communities.

The charity raises around £47 million a year through fundraising, and operates over 520 charity shops. Its direct services include companionship, nursing care and support, exercise, and various fun activities to help keep older people healthy, active and involved.

Throughout the pandemic, Age Concern’s Befriending Service has been important in helping older people in Liverpool & Sefton feeling vulnerable, lonely and isolated. Demand for the charity’s telephone friendship service has increased by as much as 290%.

Age Concern can be supported through volunteering opportunities, donations and legacies, all of which make a tremendous difference to the lives of older people in Liverpool & Sefton.


Night At The Museum

The ‘Night at the Museum’ project.

Share your stories of special museum visits and contribute to the ‘Night at the Museum’ project.

Our friends at National Museums Liverpool are in the process of creating a new immersive adventure experience called ‘Night at the Museum’. Based at the World Museum, the experience will combine theatre, storytelling and gameplay with the latest immersive technology to go deeper into the various extraordinary collections that the curators and staff take care of.

As part of this new project, National Museums Liverpool would like to hear your stories about memorable visits to its museums, and the strange and wondrous objects you found there. What secrets and myths are attached to these objects? What is the combination of fact and fiction that brings these objects to life? Some of the most interesting stories will be woven into the ‘Night at the Museum’ project and become part of the learning experience – so get sharing your thoughts and ideas today: