Upsurge in E-Scooter Accidents

The government has published figures estimating the number of personal injury road traffic collisions involving e-scooters, in Great Britain, in 2021. The figures are provisional and based on data supplied by police forces up to the start of May 2022. 

Most notably, the number of collisions involving e-scooters increased to 1,280 in 2021, up from 460 in the previous year. There were 1,359 casualties resulting from collisions involving e-scooters, compared to 484 in 2020. Roughly three quarters of these casualties (1,034) were e-scooter users, with the remainder being other road users. Nine people were killed in collisions involving e-scooters in 2021, all of whom were e-scooter riders, compared to one e-scooter rider killed during the previous year.

The number of serious injuries also climbed dramatically, with the figures showing that 390 people were seriously injured, and 960 slightly injured, in collisions involving e-scooters in 2021, compared to 129 and 354 respectively in 2020. E-scooter riders are also involved in an increasing number of ‘single vehicle collisions’ (accidents in which no other vehicles are involved), with 309 e-scooter riders experiencing this type of accident last year, up from 83 in 2020.

What the figures indisputably show is that the number of e-scooter accidents, and the injuries and deaths resulting from them, is rising rapidly, and there is no obvious reason why the e-scooter collision and casualty statistics will not continue on this sharp upwards trajectory. You can find our more about e-scooter collisions and who is legally responsible for an e-scooter accident on our dedicated page:

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