Quick Weave Dangers

Quick weaves are a hairstyle that dates from shortly after the introduction of weaves in the 1950s. Tracks (wefts) of hair extension are glued to an easily applied and removed cap, which allows for an unlimited range of lengths, styles and colours. A quick weave takes roughly half the time of a full weave, and will generally last up to 4 weeks before needing to be removed.

Although they can be installed at home, quick weaves require a significant amount of skill to install correctly, and both poor technique and human errors on the part of a stylist can cause unacceptable results and lasting hair damage. However, the main problem with quick weaves is the bonding glue used in the procedure. The glue can bond with the natural hair if the quick weave is not installed properly or the cap is of poor quality, and the natural hairs may then be pulled out when the quick weave is removed, damaging the follicles. 

It is essential that stylists use high quality caps, glue and solvents to minimise the risk of these products damaging clients’ hair and scalp. Poor technique on the part of stylists when installing or removing a quick weave can cause breakage and hair loss, while excessively tight extensions will create tension on the natural hair strands, potentially with the same results. While quick weaves are a popular and versatile hair styling technique, therefore, they are not without their risks, and prospective clients should check the experience and skill of their chosen stylist carefully before undergoing a quick weave procedure.

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