The Benefits Of Using A Divorce Solicitor

Do you have to have a solicitor to get divorced? No. Do you need a solicitor? Absolutely Yes. 

We believe that a solicitor’s advice and services offer huge benefits. Divorce is a process with many forms to fill out and many potential triggers for arguments. It is an emotionally-charged time, and an experienced solicitor can take much of the ‘heat’ out of the situation by avoiding or minimizing arguments which will lead to further estrangement between the divorcing couple.

One of the main goals of a successful divorce, especially when there are children involved, is to lay the foundations for a ‘professional’ relationship between the divorcing parties. The primary consideration in building such a relationship is obviously the good of the children.

Secondary to the welfare of children is, of course, a fair and equitable financial settlement. Each party’s needs must be met, and these negotiations should be carried out by solicitors for two main reasons. Firstly, each party will receive a settlement which is more likely to be seen as ‘fair’. If both parties feel that a settlement is fair they have a better chance of building a constructive relationship in the future. Secondly, if solicitors are negotiating and a judge perhaps ends up making the final decision, the argument is taken out of the hands of the divorcing couple altogether.

This offers a number of advantages. You do not need to worry because you have a solicitor with expertise and experience who will obtain the best result the system can offer. So you can disengage and de-stress to some extent. It also depersonalizes the whole experience. As a client of a reputable law firm, you may no longer be seen as the ‘enemy’. This is obviously particularly important when there are children involved.

Our divorce solicitors in Liverpool city centre outline the main steps in a divorce, starting with mediation – the guided, cheapest and most sensible option. Failing that, we talk you through the ‘process’ and what is involved.

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