Summer Waxing Injury Risks

Waxing treatments at beauty salons are in high demand at this time of year, with appointments booked in advance of holidays abroad and staycations in the UK. While most waxing procedures are carried out safely and successfully, a small minority of women continue to be injured every year by poorly performed waxes at salons which, apart from the physical pain and emotional distress, can completely ruin a long-awaited holiday.

Most waxing injuries are caused by therapist errors during treatments. Excessive use of force when removing the waxing strips, removing them too early or leaving them too long, applying them in the wrong place or failing to remove hair in the natural direction of growth may tear the skin, causing bleeding and potential scarring. Spilled or overheated wax may cause burn injuries with symptoms including skin rashes, blistering, scarring, ingrown hairs and infections like staphylococcus, cellulitis and folliculitis.

There is also the possibility that a client will experience an allergic reaction to ingredients contained in the wax used during a treatment. This can require emergency hospital treatment with potentially very serious consequences. For this reason, beauty salons must conduct skin patch tests on new clients 24-48 hours before a waxing procedure to identify any potential sensitivities and the possibility of an allergic reaction to the wax.

Disfiguring skin damage and scarring will require costly surgery to correct with uncertain results. In these circumstances, an injured person is likely to suffer profound emotional distress, as well as physical pain and suffering. Relationships may be damaged by this type of injury, with common side effects including loss of sexual desire, while a perception of deformity may cause extreme stress and depression.

Beauty salons are expected to perform waxing treatments in a reasonably competent manner, and if a client is injured due to an error, there will be strong grounds for claiming compensation. Find out more:

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