Summer Bikini Waxing Risks

With millions of Britons booking long-awaited overseas beach holidays this year, as Covid restrictions on international travel finally ease, many women will be booking bikini and similar waxing treatments at their local beauty salon in order to look their best beside the sea and around the pool.

While waxing treatment safety standards at beauty salons have improved markedly in the past decade or so, there are still a number of unavoidable dangers involved in waxing procedures performed on intimate areas of the skin by poorly trained or inexperienced beauticians, which may result in relatively serious injuries and profound distress.

After the wax product and waxing paper are applied to the required area of skin, the paper should be removed swiftly in the direction of the hair growth, which will normally cause short-lived pain and redness. However, the sensitivity of the skin around the vagina and inner thighs means that if the waxing strips are removed incorrectly, for example, too quickly, too forcefully, or at the wrong angle, they may tear the skin, potentially resulting in bleeding, scarring, damage to hair follicles, and both physical and emotional suffering. 

A woman’s skin may also be burned if the wax is overheated when applied or spilled accidentally onto exposed areas, which can result in redness, blistering, scarring and infection. The most serious risk is the possibility of an allergic reaction to a waxing product, which properly conducted skin patch tests (at least 48 hours before a waxing treatment appointment) are supposed to prevent. An adverse reaction of this kind can cause burning skin rashes, blistering and potential hospitalisation depending on the severity of the reaction.

While the negative outcomes from bikini and similar waxing treatments outlined here are thankfully rare, our solicitors have represented hundreds of women in claims against beauty salons for these types of injuries over the years. Apart from the physical pain and suffering, there is also the embarrassment that waxing injuries in intimate areas cause, as well as the loss of enjoyment of an impending holiday which may subsequently need to be cancelled. All these factors will be taken into account when calculating the size of the compensation award due to the injured party.

You can find out more about bikini and other types of waxing injuries in the dedicated beauty treatment injuries section on our website:

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