NYE Hair & Beauty Treatment Risks

New Year’s Eve will bear a semblance of normality this year, in England at least, after the government gave mass events the go-ahead and nightclubs permission to open, in contrast with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where restrictions on social gatherings and mass events are in place. Many women will be rushing to book last minute appointments at salons to look their best at parties and family gatherings, and as our solicitors have seen in previous years, an unfortunate number will have their big night ruined by botched hair and beauty treatments.

Various hairdresser treatments can cause hair loss and skin damage if performed incorrectly, including dyeing, straightening and extensions. The chemicals contained in hair treatment solutions can cause scalp burns and accompanying hair loss if they are not applied correctly, or if a particular product is unsuitable for a person’s hair or skin type. Allergic reactions are another possible consequence of exposure to unsuitable hair and beauty treatment products, and may also result in skin damage and hair loss. Burn injuries and torn skin are a common result of botched beauty treatments like waxing, while other beauty products may also damage the skin (particularly around the eyes) and cause allergic reactions.  

Hair and skin damage of this kind is particularly embarrassing, distressing and inconvenient when a treatment has been booked in advance of a special occasion like New Year’s Eve, and there is often a financial cost involved, not only for correctional procedures and/or medical treatment, but also for cancelled reservations and bookings. Uniquely, we offer an experienced all-female team of lawyers specialising in hair and beauty treatment injuries and claiming compensation from hairdressers and beauty salons, not only for the physical effects of their negligence, but also for the emotional pain and suffering caused, which is very often the worst part of the whole ordeal.

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