Night At The Museum

The ‘Night at the Museum’ project.

Share your stories of special museum visits and contribute to the ‘Night at the Museum’ project.

Our friends at National Museums Liverpool are in the process of creating a new immersive adventure experience called ‘Night at the Museum’. Based at the World Museum, the experience will combine theatre, storytelling and gameplay with the latest immersive technology to go deeper into the various extraordinary collections that the curators and staff take care of.

As part of this new project, National Museums Liverpool would like to hear your stories about memorable visits to its museums, and the strange and wondrous objects you found there. What secrets and myths are attached to these objects? What is the combination of fact and fiction that brings these objects to life? Some of the most interesting stories will be woven into the ‘Night at the Museum’ project and become part of the learning experience – so get sharing your thoughts and ideas today:

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