Liverpool Cathedral’s Famous Bells

The Bells of the Anglican Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK

Where do you think the highest and heaviest collection of church bells are located? Are they in London, Paris or Rome?

All wrong, they are in Liverpool Cathedral, and they have a direct link to Bartletts Solicitors. 

Thomas Bartlett was a successful Liverpool businessman who worked from Marldon Chambers where we are based. You might have guessed already from his name that he was a direct relation of our owners. Thomas left money in his will for a ring of 12 bells for the new Cathedral which was under construction.

He died on 4th September 1912, more than a quarter of a century before the bells which bear his name were cast, and 39 years before they were first rung. In accordance with his wishes, his final resting place is in the ringing chamber where his ashes sit in a coffer on a stone plinth.

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