Little Liverpool at Museum of Liverpool

The Little Liverpool gallery at the Museum of Liverpool runs six sessions a day, each lasting around 30 minutes, during which time children under the age of six can play and learn in a unique hands-on fantasy world.

Highlights of the Little Liverpool gallery’s activities include Liverpuddles, a water play interactive based on the progress of the River Mersey, with children able to sail boats through the city, fish in the river and navigate cars through tunnels. Apart from being great fun, Liverpuddles aims to engage children with environmental issues, particularly their responsibility to wildlife for keeping our waters clean.

Little Liverpool also features an A to Z of objects on its dock wall, with each ‘letter station’ encouraging young children to discover more using a hands-on interactive and learn through speaking and listening. Finally, the Liver bird’s nest is a multisensory pod where babies and very young children can relax with their carers in a safe and cosy nest which is perfect for kicking off the shoes and crawling around.      

The six daily sessions at the Little Liverpool gallery are at 10.15am, 11am, 11.45am, 1.15pm, 2pm and 2.45pm each day. Entry is free and tickets can be collected from the Museum’s welcome desk. You can found out more about the Little Liverpool gallery at the Museum of Liverpool on the National Museums Liverpool website:

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