HD Brows Injury Risks

The recent celebrity-inspired trend for thicker eyebrows and eyebrow shaping has seen High Definition (HD) Brows become one of the most popular treatments at beauty salons in the UK. Eyebrows are threaded, waxed and tinted during an HD Brows treatment leaving them looking fuller and sculpted, with results lasting for up to six weeks.

One of the main risks is the variety of HD Brows products available. Salons sometimes use products that they are not affiliated with, meaning that staff may not be trained in how to use them safely. As with all waxing treatments, burns from overheated or spilled wax can cause pain, blistering and scarring, while a person’s skin may be torn if the waxing strips are pulled off too forcefully or against the grain. Tinting solutions contain chemicals which can damage the skin and the eyes, while errors during threading may cause skin damage around the eyebrows. 

HD Brows clients also risk experiencing an allergic reaction to ingredients contained in threading, waxing and tinting products, with potentially serious consequences. In 2015, it was reported that a teenager had been hospitalised and potentially left scarred for life following an HD Brows treatment. She was hospitalised three days after the procedure having experienced a severe allergic reaction that left her eyes swollen shut, her eyebrow area infected, and caused her eyebrow hairs to fall out.

The standard skin patch test had been carried out two days before the treatment and no possibility of an adverse reaction was detected. The teenager’s case emphasises the fact that people should approach HD Brows treatments with caution, as both the beauty salon and product supplier could not explain why the treatment had caused such disastrous results.

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