EuroFestival at Liverpool Cathedral

As part of EuroFestival 2023, the cultural festival taking place across the city, Liverpool Cathedral is hosting ‘Izyum to Liverpool’ by the Ukrainian artist Katya Buchatska. Commissioned by Culture Liverpool in partnership with Liverpool Cathedral, Izyum to Liverpool is a multi-channel video installation charting the train journey of escape taken by so many Ukrainians since the Russian invasion in February 2022.

Starting in the liberated Ukrainian regions and moving towards calmer cities in the west, the real-time filming offers a unique and poignant window into the experience of those escaping war, and how normal life can change so suddenly and dramatically in just a moment. Izyum to Liverpool also examines the mental impact of the one-way journey, focusing on the loss, uncertainty, and sense of the fragility of their environment experienced by those travelling further and further away from the frontline.

Izyum to Liverpool will be hosted by Liverpool Cathedral from 1-19 May; meanwhile on 11 May, the artist Katya Buchatska will give a detailed talk at the Cathedral about her visual art installation and the themes it explores with Elisa Nocente, Cultural Programme Manager at Liverpool Cathedral. Katya Buchatska was born in 1987 in Kyiv, Ukraine, where she continues to live and work in various forms of media including painting, installations, sculpture, photography and video. You can find our more about Liverpool Cathedral’s exciting plans for EuroFestival 2023 below:

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