Doctor Who in Liverpool

A reminder for those living in or visiting Liverpool this year to take a trip to the Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder exhibition at Liverpool’s World Museum, which opened on 27th May this year and runs until 30th October.

This thrilling interactive exhibition explores the world of science within the universe of Doctor Who, bringing it to life by exploring some of the Doctor’s most famous adventures and encounters across space and time. Visitors can engage with the TV show’s original artefacts, sets, costumes and props, giving a unique insight into the success of the longest-running sci-fi TV show in history, which still graces screens today after almost 60 years.

Presented by Sarner International under licence from BBC Studios, the Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder exhibition also celebrates Liverpool’s connections with the legendary TV show. Although the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, does not sound like it, he is intrinsically a son of the city, as well as being many people’s favourite Doctor. Meanwhile, Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor is more recognisably a creature of Liverpool from his accent, despite his Edwardian appearance, and these are just two examples of the multiple links binding Doctor Who and the city.

Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder at Liverpool’s World Museum runs until 30th October 2022. You can find out more about this unique exhibition on National Museums Liverpool’s website:

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