Divorce & The Mediation Process

Mediation can help a divorcing couple reach a financial settlement and divide up assets in a neutral and impartial manner. Assets may include savings, investments, property and pensions (maintenance payments can also be agreed during mediation). The services of a mediator can be significantly cheaper and faster in terms of reaching an agreement than asking a judge to decide the matter in court.

The first step is to attend a mediation information assessment meeting (MIAM) costing around £30. The mediator will decide whether mediation is right for the divorcing couple, and if so, will attempt to help the couple reach an agreement during further mediation sessions (these will cost more and fees vary depending on location).

Successful mediation will produce a document showing what has been agreed, and while this agreement is not legally binding, a consent order approved by the court will make it so. A solicitor can help draft a consent order, which is a legal document confirming what was agreed during mediation. The court fee is £50, and a judge will approve the consent order and make it legally binding, usually without the need for a court hearing, if they believe it is fair.

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