Aquarium at World Museum Revamp

The Aquarium at Liverpool’s renowned World Museum has recently been revamped with bigger tanks, new species, immersive projections and even an octopus called Polpo. Visitors can get up close with Polpo and other sea creatures from all around the world, including hermit crabs, starfish, terrapins and wrasses (brightly-coloured marine fish) from Liverpool’s Irish Sea coast. The terrapins are rescued pets, and can be seen immersed in water through the Aquarium’s viewing bubbles, which allow smaller visitors to get a special close-up view.

New immersive projections aim to help younger visitors, in particular, learn about the underwater world and the conservation efforts that are underway to protect our seas. Visitors will discover more about where sea animals live and how they, and underwater biodiversity in general, can be protected and preserved. The Aquarium uses the latest technology to promote biodiversity themes and priorities, adding an educational angle to a fun day out for families.   

Apart from meeting the Aquarium’s firm favourites including ‘Nemo’ fish, rays and ‘smiling’ sharks, families can also find out what a day of rock pooling on the British shoreline might uncover. World Museum’s expert staff are always on hand to answer questions and help enhance the visitor’s experience in this aquatic world of wonder. The Aquarium at World Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm and entry is free. Find out more on National Museums Liverpool’s website:

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