Accidents at Water Parks

Management and staff at water parks owe their visitors a legal duty of care, and must take all reasonable measures to minimise the risk of guests being injured while visiting the premises. With many water parks featuring dozens of pools and slides spread across massive sites of 25+ acres, accidents occur on a daily basis, most of which are fortunately minor and not caused by safety failures on the part of the water park. However, some accidents cause injuries for which the water park operator can be held legally liable and obliged to pay compensation.

One area in which a water park may be responsible for an accident is when employees fail to supervise activities properly, for example, if there are insufficient numbers of trained staff on duty to monitor the safety of visitors effectively, and they fail to notice a safety risk resulting in a visitor being injured. This includes monitoring the behaviour of visitors to make sure they observe the rules and do not pose a danger to others, as well as providing proper instructions to visitors so that they know how to use the facilities safely.

Accidents at water parks commonly occur on slides and similar water-based rides. Slides must be well maintained and regularly inspected to check for safety flaws. Defective slides may cause visitors to be thrown off them at relatively high speed, potentially injuring themselves and others. Apart from pools and slides, water parks offer an ever-increasing range of facilities, including restaurants, bars, arcades, car parks and bathrooms, all of which must be maintained in a safe state by an efficient system of inspection and cleaning. Slipping accidents at water parks may be the result of maintenance failures, such as when a floor surface is left in a slippery and hazardous state by cleaning staff or spillages are not dealt with promptly.

If you have been injured in an accident at a water park through no fault of your own, contact our firm for expert legal advice from solicitors who have recent experience in personal injury compensation claims against water park owners and operators:

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